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Temporary Change to Service - TW10 & TW12

Due to the low passenger numbers on both these routes, from Monday, 16th July 2018 until end of term, one bus will operate both routes.

This bus will run as close to timetable as possible.

Change of Timetable - Route 235, 404, 431, 631 and TW3

These service will operate a new timetable from Monday 3rd September 2018

For more info please view the timetables

Tonbridge School Changes - Route 402a and 402c

These services will have new route numbers (T1 and T3 Respectively) from Monday 3rd September 2018.

Termination of Services - Route 401 (SUNDAYS & BANK HOLIDAYS ONLY), 433 and 489

These services will no-longer be operated by Go-Coach after 27th August 2018.

Temporary Service Change - Route 421 (Temporary timetable shown below)

Due to Roadwork until the beginning of July, a temporary timetable has been created.

To find a different timetable, use the drop down list above.


Westerham, Hartley Road to Bennett Memorial Sch via Riverhead

Monday to Friday School Days Only
Westerham, Hartley Road 0715
Westerham, Green 0719
Brasted, White Hart 0723
Sundridge, White Horse 0726
Chipstead, Square 0731
Bullfinch Lane 0736
Riverhead, Tesco 0740
Riverhead, Libary 0743
Bessel's Green, Kings Head 0746
Southborough, Bidborough Corner 0802
Southborough, The Fountain 0806
T.Wells, Cross Keys (T.Wells Boys Grammar) 0810
T.Wells, East Cliff Road (T.Wells Girls Grammar) 0813
T.Wells, Culverden Down (Skinners Sch) 0816
Bennett Memorial School 0826

Bennett Memorial Sch to Westerham, Green via Riverhead

Monday to Friday School Days Only
Bennett Memorial School 1545
T.Wells, Culverden Down (Skinners Sch) 1553
Southborough, Beltring Road (T.Wells Girls Grammar) 1556
Southborugh, Cross Keys (T.Wells Boys Grammar) 1600
Southborough, The Fountain 1608
Southborough, Bidborough Corner 1611
Chipstead, Square 1626
Bullfinch Lane 1631
Riverhead, Tesco 1635
Riverhead, Libary 1640
Bessel's Green, Kings Head 1645
Sundridge, White Horse 1650
Brasted, White Hart 1653
Westerham, Green 1700
Westerham, Hartley Road 1704


No service Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day or any other Public Holidays. For service updates and diversions visit our Service Updates Page or follow us on Facebook.


Off-Peak Fares:

Available Standard Tickets - Adult Single / Return / 7 Day / 10 Trip - Child Single / Return / 7 Day / 10 Trip

Go-Anywhere - £7.20 Day / £30 Weekly (Travel on any GO bus around our network)

Discovery Ticket - £9.00 Adult / £7.20 Child / £17.50 Family (Sold and Accepted by all operators in Kent. Excluding TfL Services)

Sevenoaks Local  - £12 10 Trip / £4 Day Ticket

Tunbridge Wells Local - £15 10 Trip / £4 Day Ticket

Arriva Excess Fare - Use your Arriva ticket on one of our buses as long as Go and Arriva follow the same path for 50p

Early Bird - Sold to holders of concessionary passes before 09:30 Monday to Friday so they can travel for a £1.00

Young Persons Early Bird - This is not what it seems. Students with a Young Persons Travel pass cannot use them after 19:00 Mon to Fri, weekends or school holidays. We do a deal that they can travel for a £1.00 at these times

Peak-Time Fares:

Standard Fares - £5.00 Single / £5.50 Return

Kent Connected Fares - £2.00 Full Journey / £1.20 Local Journey

go2School Flexi-Ticket - £25.00 Full Journey / £15.00 Local Journey

Peak-Time services are those that operate to/from a school. These services are available for any member of the public to use

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