Ticket Types

Please find below, details of all of the tickets it is possible to buy for use on a Go Coach bus:-

Adult Single

Adult Return

Child Single / Return
valid after 9:30 mon to fri on all day services. Schools services do not have Child fares!

These provide travel at a discounted rate for 7 days. Many people buy these on routes that only operate for 5 days as they are paying for about 4 days and travelling for 5.

Child 7 day
as above but available anytime

Allows travel on a bus 10 times over a limitless time scale. Costs a little more than a 7 day.

Child 10 trip
As above but for kids. Available anytime. Used by students that either travel irregularly by bus or are not eligible for a Kent Young Persons Travel Pass.

Early Bird
Sold to holders of concessionary passes before 09:30 Monday to Friday so they can travel for a £1.00

Young Persons Early Bird
This is not what it seems. Students with a Young Persons Travel pass cannot use them after 19:00 mon to fri, weekends or school holidays. We do a deal that they can travel for a £1.00 at these times

Go anywhere
This allows travel on any go buses for £30.00 for one week.

Go season tickets
This is normally a termly ticket for travel on a specific school service.