Latest News:

Route 1Route 2Route 5Route 6 & Route 8 - Reinstated and New Fare System

From Monday 12th April 2021, we will resume operating Route 1Route 2Route 5Route 6 & Route 8.

We will also be introducting a new flat fare across these routes of £2.50 for a single, or £5.00 for a Sevenoaks Day Ticket. For Young Passengers under 19 years old the fare will be £1.50.

Return, weekly and 10-Trip tickets will be withdrawn.

Route 289 - New Timetable

From Monday 12th April 2021, we will begin returning Route 289 to its pre-COVID timetable

Route 429 - New Timetable and termination of Sunday service

From Monday 12th April 2021, we will introducing a new Route 429 timetable, to bring the service in line with when passengers are travelling. We will also be terminating our Sunday service, replacing it with our on-demand Go2 service between Swanley and West Kingsdown

Route D12Route D13Route D29 & Route D29w / D30 - Renumbered Services and New Timetables

From Monday 19th April 2021, we will be renumbering our Dartford Schools network as shown below:

412 will become D12

413 will become D13

429 will become D29 (Swanley to Dartford) and D30 (West Kingsdown to Dartford)

429L will become D29w 

Go2 - Increased Service Zone, New Fares, Termination of Concessionary Passes and Sunday Service

From Monday 12th April 2021, we will be expanding the Go2 zone to include West Kingsdown, Fairseat, Stansed & East Hill.

We will also introduce a limited Sunday service covering Sevenoaks Town, Eynsford, West Kingsdown and Swanley.

We will be introducing "plus 1+", meaning any additional passengers will only be charged £1. Concessionary Bus Passes will no-longer mean free travel, instead passengers will be required to pay 50% of the total fare.

Fares will change during "peak time" to promote travel at quiter times.

For more information, call our depot (01732 469800) or email us ( Alternatively, for live bus tracking, use "".